How to chose wardrobe for fall photo session in Portland Oregon

August 28, 2023  •  Leave a Comment


 Choosing the right wardrobe for a fall photo session in Portland, Oregon can capture the essence of the season and complement the beautiful autumn backdrop. Here are some tips to help you select the perfect outfits:  

1. Warm and Cozy Layers: Fall in Portland can be chilly, so layering is key. Opt for sweaters, cardigans, and jackets that can be easily added or removed to stay comfortable during the shoot.


2. Earth Tones and Rich Colors: Embrace the colors of the season. Earthy tones like deep browns, warm oranges, deep reds, and olive greens work well against the autumn landscape.



3.Textures and Patterns: Incorporate textures like knits, flannels, and corduroy to add visual interest to your outfits. Mixing subtle patterns like plaids or small prints can also enhance the overall look.


4. Jeans and Trousers: Denim jeans are a fall staple and can be paired with a variety of tops. You can also consider trousers or leggings in autumn colors for a comfortable and stylish option.



5. Accessories: Scarves, beanies, and gloves not only keep you warm but also add personality to your ensemble. They can be easily added or removed for different looks.


6. Footwear: Closed-toe shoes and boots are excellent choices for fall. Ankle boots, riding boots, or even fashionable sneakers can complete your look while keeping your feet warm.


7. Complementary Colors: If you're taking family photos, consider coordinating outfits with complementary colors. This doesn't mean everyone wears the same thing, but rather outfits that look good together.


8. Dress for the Location: Depending on where you're planning the photo session, your clothing should match the surroundings. For example, if you're in a park with colorful leaves, neutral tones might contrast nicely.



9. Individual Comfort: While coordinating is great, it's equally important for each family member to feel comfortable and reflect their personal style.


10. Avoid Large Logos or Graphics: These can be distracting in photos. Opt for solid colors or subtle patterns instead.



Remember that fall is a season of warmth and coziness, so choose outfits that make you feel comfortable and confident. Coordinating without overly matching, staying true to the colors of the season, and incorporating layers and textures can create stunning photos that capture the autumn charm of Portland.