Happy New Year 2023

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Happy New Year, 2023!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year♡


As I prepare for the  New Year, I would like to reflect on the past year, 2022.  It was a huge year for me, filled with lots of challenges.  

Here are a few quick recaps of my 2022:

2022 Year in Review




2nd year as business

I have been a photographer for so many years, but 2022 was my 2nd year taking photos as a business.  It's been challenging and reached a plateau, but I enjoyed working on new things as well.



Family Photo Session

It was nice to see returning families and also new families last year.  I feel grateful for every family who trusts me with their memories.  

Rain season normally starts late September, but it was dry in September and early October!  It was nice to avoid rain, but hard to work with dry smoky air.    Please consider having a photo session this Summer, when we don't have to worry about the weather and also weekdays will be more available!

DSC_7454_editDSC_7454_edit DSC_9333_editDSC_9333_edit DSC_4309_1_editDSC_4309_1_edit DSC_4180_editDSC_4180_edit

DSC_7615_editDSC_7615_edit DSC_3971_editDSC_3971_edit



Senior Photo Session

It was so fun to work with Seniors this summer and fall!  We had nice golden hour sessions.

DSC_0997_editDSC_0997_edit DSC_6177_editDSC_6177_edit


Kimono Photo Session

I had several kimono session, for shichigosan.  As I mentioned last year,  indoor photo session is now available, so as at rental studio in SE PDX. 

If you are interested in renting/dressing Kimono, hair/make, I can refer specialists to you.

I often work with Takako, who is renting and dressing Kimonos.  If you are interested in Shichigosan Photo Session, please see detailed information page and contact me (kumasaka.photography"at"gmail.com) .  For other Kimono ocassions, please see this page and let me know if you have any questions.


DSC_4355_editDSC_4355_edit DSC_8972_editDSC_8972_edit DSC_4998_editDSC_4998_edit


Maternity and Newborn Photo Session

I enjoyed some Newborn and Maternity photo sessions this year!  

Maternity 2022

DSC_0146_editDSC_0146_edit DSC_0224_editDSC_0224_edit DSC_6373_editDSC_6373_edit DSC_6339_editDSC_6339_edit DSC_6943_sky_editDSC_6943_sky_edit DSC_6860_editDSC_6860_edit

DSC_179_editDSC_179_edit DSC_096_editDSC_096_edit


Dancer's Photo Session

I was also busy with other kinds of photo sessions, I didn't have the chance to work on Dancer's Photo Session in 2022.  This is the only photo where I captured dancer's posing when I had family photo session (I actually LOVE how it turned out!!).  I am hoping to have some Dancer's Photo Session this year, I would especially love to try one at the studio!  



Charity and Events

This is the 2nd year to have a Mother's Day Photo Session Project, making donations to the non profit organization, Brest Friends, which supports breast cancer survivors.  Since 2021, I planned a Mother's Day Photo Session whose 50% of sales would be donated to Breast Friends.  After several Mother's Day Photo Session, I donated $146.28 for 2022, which is a not so big amount, but more than 2021!  I will have a Mother's Day Photo Session again this year in Spring.  Please stay tuned.

Charity 2022



Events 2022

Not many events this year, but I was able to capture music concert by Nozomi Music School, and holiday party event by JWPDX (Japanese Women in Portland).  Looking forward to capturing more events this year!


Music Concert by Nozomi Music School

DSC-3889DSC-3889 DSC-4000DSC-4000 DSC-4083DSC-4083 DSC-3773DSC-3773


Holiday Party 2022 by JWPDX

DSC_2839DSC_2839 DSC_2972DSC_2972



Studio Photo

I attended several workshops at Cobalt Studios PDX, and I have gained more confidence for studio photo session.

Last late fall, I worked with Tatami Music for his new album cover photos.  We had such a fun time, and photos turned out really great!  

DSC_2590_edit_socksDSC_2590_edit_socks DSC_2629_edit_socksDSC_2629_edit_socks


Artist Photo

I was so lucky to meet Mai Ide, who is an art student at PSU.  She asked me to capture her artwork for her portfolio last winter, and artist portrait for her website afterwards.  We have some common sense and so fun to work together!

DSC_9372DSC_9372 DSC_9013DSC_9013 DSC_8649DSC_8649 DSC_9077_face_editDSC_9077_face_edit



Wedding Photo

I feel honored to be asked to capture post-wedding session!  It was beautiful evening last fall and we had a fun time.

DSC_1423_editDSC_1423_edit DSC_2431_editDSC_2431_edit



Workshops and training

During slow season, spring and summer, I tried to attend several workshops, classes, and photo meet up to improve my skills and meet other professional photographers.  It was fun to work with models as well. I learned so much but photography is endless learning!  I also joined Oregon Professional Photographers Association.  I am looking forward to participate those kinds of meetups and events as many as I can to improve my skills this year!

DSC_0717_editDSC_0717_edit DSC_1096_editDSC_1096_edit DSC_1400_editDSC_1400_edit DSC_3376_editDSC_3376_edit DSC_0322_editDSC_0322_edit DSC_2276_editDSC_2276_edit DSC_3475_editDSC_3475_edit DSC_3177_editDSC_3177_edit DSC_3648_editDSC_3648_edit DSC_5837_editDSC_5837_edit DSC_6905_editDSC_6905_edit

I will work on new technics and different types of photo shooting such as dancer's and arts, in addition I would love to meet many new people, not only clients but also photographers this year.

I hope this year is much better and more fun to come to all of you.  I am looking forward to capturing your smiles soon!

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