Happy New Year 2022

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Happy New Year, 2022!

Wishing you a wonderful New Year!


As we prepare for the  New Year, I would like to reflect on the past year, 2021.  It was a huge year for me, filled with lots of challenges.  

Here are a few quick recaps of my 2021:

2021 Year in Review


Established kumasaka photography

After a few years, I decided to establish my own business in January 2021.  It's been challenging but I enjoy creating websites and managing business.  Thanks to Catground Stamps, I also have a new company logo with my dearest pet Iggy, who passed away last November.


Family Photo Session

It's been 4 years since I photographed my first family.  It was nice to see returning families and also new families last year.  I feel grateful for every family who trusts me with their memories.  

Compared to the situation in 2020, it was a bit harder to schedule sessions because school started in person last fall.  Please consider having a photo session in Summer, when we don't have to worry about weather and also weekdays will be more available!


Kimono Photo Session

Due to the pandemic, many Japanese clients haven't been able to go back to Japan and would like to have Shichigosan, Graduation, and Seijinshiki photo sessions.   I used to have photo sessions outside only, but now I have lighting and backdrops so it's available indoors. 

If you are interested in renting/dressing Kimono, hair/make, I can refer specialists to you.


Newborn Photo Session

I enjoyed some newborn photo shoots this year!  


Dancer's Photo Session

This is a very new photo session for me!  It's challenging but I enjoyed it.  At this point, I can accept Dancer's Photo Session outside only.


Charity and Events

Because I have several friends who survived breast cancer, I wanted to help in some way.  I found a non profit organization, Brest Friends, which supports breast cancer survivors.  I planned a Mother's Day Photo Session whose sales would be donated to Breast Friends.  After several Mother's Day Photo Session, I donated $125.00 for 2021.  I will have a Mother's Day Photo Session again this year in Spring.  Please stay tuned.


Not many events this year, but I was able to capture the skate class event by JWPDX (Japanese Women in Portland) x Dice Murakami who is a former ice skater for Japan National Team.  Looking forward to capturing more events this year!


I hope this year is much better and more fun to come to all of you.  I am looking forward to capturing your smiles soon!

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